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Metropolitan Food Security

NAFTC CHINA, November-December 2014


With great pleasure we herewith provide you this overview of recent achievements and planned actions.

Your chairman and several members had the honour to be invited at the statebanquet of our King and Queen in honour of the visit of President Xi Yiping and his wife. Also the bussiness summit the following day proved very successfull in understanding and enhencing cooperation at various levels with focus on Dutch Agro, Food & Technology.

From initial 10 members at start 7 years ago we developed our strong local presence till over 50 active members today expecting to reach 100 members by 2016. Such strengthening significantly the executing of our mission statement to promote overall Dutch Agro, Food & Technology and members interests in particular.

It was a big step to be able to hand over the chair of our NAFTC China association to Paul Oosterlaken and of the chair of NAFTC India to Erold at our meetings in November last. With handing over also the presidency of GMV-FME to Theo Bruinsma I expect to remain active in NAFTC Overal and MFS Associations with more time available to strengthen their profiles, joint actions, integrate networks  and stengthening cooperation especially internationally with and between Topsectors Hi-tech, AgroFood, Horticulture and Water.

Recent events pe
r Region/Province:

Inner Mongolia:

The "corner stone" celebration for the Yakeshi Demo Wholesale Food park shows our success in initiating a novel Sino Dutch Wholesale-Distribution concept for Chinese SME's providing storage, (re)packing and distribution facilities together with asset development optimising China's agro-food value chain and contributing to food safety. With high interest shown this concept will be doublicated many times in other third and fourth tier cities.


Our presence with members and relevant Chinese contacts at the SIAL 2014 Foodfair in Paris and at the Interpom Exhibition, Kortrijk were highly appreciated and resulted in key Chinese decision makers visiting subsequently the Netherlands. Three incomming missions organised by NAFTC visited The Netherlands as a consequence.

Liaoning Province:

From Dalian several city high officials and enterpreneurs followed up on the visit this spring of our embassador and agricultural attache at the official opening of Dalian FengLin fruittree nurseries and demo hi-density orchards.

Interests concerned: fruit, fruittrees, vegetable and flower greenhouse technology, animalfeed, poultry and dairy valuechains, agro/foodlogistics and coldchain fresh and frozen, IP and foodsecurity issues, knowhow exchange and training/education. The signed follow up MOU involves also a dedicated mission to Liaoning-Dalian early next year. Many thanks again to our Embassy and local NBSO office for support.


The Tjiajin-Beichen mission focussed on attracting Golden Helix cooperation in the Newly established Sino Dutch Agro, Food & Technology Cooperation Center at Beichem Industrial Park offering high end offices and demo-R&D facilities to our members. Already 2000 m2 and 1.000 mu are contracted. Several members and their references were visited.

Interests formulated: cleanroom and invitro propagation, greenhouse technology, grey water(re)utilisation, agro-food processing, coldchain for fresh and frozen as well as storage, packaging and distribution issues. Cooperation long term with Universities of Applied Sciences (HAS) and WUR was agreed in R&D in packing, storage and distribution, knowhow exchange and development issues.

International WUR Cooperation:

Chinese entrepreneurs and institutions agreed to contribute significantly in the NAFTC initiated "Dates Health and ValueChain" PPS project with Topsector AgroFood and WUR (2 million over next 3 years). More to follow about cooperate in other AgroFood valuechain developments with specific chinese interests.

Hebei Province - South Holland Mission:

Our contribution to the preparation and execution of the South Holland Mission resulted in several happy matches made and MOU's signed for follow up actions in Hebei Province crucial to Beijings Food Security.

Zhangjiakou City:

The position of our Chairman as "Senior Foreign Economic Advisor to Hebei Province Government also assisted in many ways in the above and in being supportive to the Development of Chabei Sino Dutch Modern Agriculture and Hi Tech Food Park. Significant progress was achieved recently towards realisation of this Park:

  • Aviko participation in it's Aviko-Snowvalley with realisation of a french fries processing facility and expansion of potato storage facilities.
  • Clootwijck Nurseries realizing it's demo high density fruitorchard planting at Zuolu
  • Orders for modern stables for dairycows.
  • Preparation of the missions from Zhangjiakou to Netherlands at special sessions with Mayor Whu and his staff.

Incomming missions from:


Focus: invitropropagation technology and greenhouses for tomatoes, paprika and strawberries, potato valuechain aspects, vegetables and fruits, their fresh keeping, packing and distribution as well as processing options, hi-density fruitorchard development, dairy sector: animalfeed, stables, calves and infantmilkpowder technology, wholesale centers, etc.


Incomming mission of high level officials and entrepreneurs concentrated on all aspects of Silk Road Corridor Development as advocated by President Xi Yiping personally. Fax free zones development on either side as well as cooperation in R&D and commercial programs have been evaluated with focus on Agro, Food & Technology issues and XI'AN - Netherlands Metropole linkages

Shanghai and General:

  • The ministerial Mission under H.E. Ploumen to Shanghai was highlighted by a successfull match making session executed by our NAFTC organisation Oscar Salet and miss Thang. Promissing combinations of Chinese and Dutch entrepreneurs were established.
  • Support for the Holland Center Initiative of Mr Zhu, well know from his CHIC organisation, and Dutch Topsector AgroFood was evaluated in a positive atmosphere with various parties involved. Vice Chairman Henk van Duijn participated also at the Shanghai Bussineess Summit and expects to work closely together with the local official Dutch representation and the new established Holland House organisation in promoting jointly Dutch interests

Beijing and General:

  • The ministerial Mission under HE Ploumen with DG Marten van de Berg and businessrepresentative Bas Pullen to Beijing was supported by us with again succesfull match making activities. Especially the relationships with our new Agricultural Councellor Martin Oldenmonnikhof  and with Nynke Runia were strengthened.
  • Coinciding we participated (and several of our members) in and contributed to the Mission of Amsterdam to Beijing. Mayor E. van der Laan organised the Beijing-Amsterdam Bussiness Summit and a matchmaking coordinated by ICBC Bank. Besides several positive matches the topic of City-City Cooperation in C40 for Urban Food Security was evaluated with Mayor Van der Laan and put back on our MFS agenda. Window: Floriade 2022 and more attention to CO2 issues in relation to Agro- Food Chain efficiency.


  • SIAL 2014, Paris
  • Interpom, Kortrijk
  • 3 Incomming missions to The Nethetlands . 3 outgoing missions to China . Serving dedicated multidisciplinairy delegations of Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs, South Holland and City Amsterdam.

Planning / Prospects:

  • Mission to Hebei-Zhangjiakou January 2015. Mission to Liaoning-Dalian, spring 2015 . Match making Shanxi event together with GHI . Evaluation Demo "Sino Dutch Logistic Wholesale Park YaKeShi"
  • Signing "Silk Road Corridor Logistics" cooperation XI'AN and Netherlands (Venlo-East Brabant?) . Preparation/participation high level "Prime Minister Rutte" mission and seminars spring 2015
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