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Metropolitan Food Security

MFS Program and Activities

Strong networks focused on market demand

'Platform MFS' brings together all parties that create added value in the field of food security.
The common factor which drives the Platform's actions is 'market demand', not the need of the sector to which one belongs. To secure this commonality, Platform MFS takes a coordinating and facilitating role in the centre of the 'Golden Triangle' (business, academia and government).

MFS and Business

MFS is primarily concerned with enlarging the opportunities of Dutch businesses in important growth markets. This begins with collective trade promotion.
Collective trade promotion enables companies to jointly create opportunities, that each of them separately could not create. Collective trade promotion thus is an important first step towards a more intensified and structural form of cooperation: companies that jointly execute a project, jointly tender or together offer a solution for a particular request. In short, within Platform MFS companies can easily create flexible consortia for different opportunities.

Platform MFS promotes trade and opportunities in important growth markets and acts as an 'enabling environment'.

MFS and Academia

Business and Academia work together incidentally, but usually these two represent two separate 'worlds'. Especially in the field of small and middle-sized companies. With more synergy, both can profit from exchanging networks, knowledge and technology. Especially commercial orders, existing or potential, are an important catalyst for cooperation.

Platform MFS ensures that academia get in touch with the right partners, and vice versa. Additionally MFS supports the creation of new projects, where needed. Involvement of academia in the first phases of a proejct can result in more structural involvement on the longer term, for example in (joint) product development based on concrete needs and client wishes.

MFS and Government

The Dutch government invests a lot to promote Dutch businesses abroad. These activities are not always driven by market demand. From the perspective of businesses involved in food security, there is a need for coherence, accomodation and the structural securing of market information and knowledge.

Platform MFS investigates the wishes of companies and ensures that all concrete market signals arrive at their right destinations. In addition, Platform MFS accomodates programs and activities with governmental departments and institutions.


Platform MFS is unique. It aims to be the internatonal gateway for matters related to providing food security for urban areas worldwide. It specializes in networks and knowledge in this particular field. The Platform distinguishes itself by its sector transcending and consumer-demand driven approach.

Platform MFS facilitates cooperation and knowledge transfer. The Platform identifies and creates commercial opportunities for its participants and enables the creation of flexible 'consortia of occasion'. Platform MFS renders services (like consultancy for the improvement of food security and safety) to national and foreign clients and looks for solutions by consulting Platform particpants and partners.

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