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Metropolitan Food Security

Participation in Platform MFS

Companies and institutions that participate in Platform MFS enjoy the opportunity to take part in the joint offers that MFS submits on the international market, and enjoy access to the MFS network.

Participants in Platform MFS jointly decide on action, on forming consortia and on focus countries. Mutual consultations amongst participants often result in improved market knowledge, qualitative 'sparring' sessions and enable the creation of innovative (joint) solutions. Solutions which a company on its own would not be able to realize.

Platform MFS thus brings a participant: a growth of network, an increase of opportunities in the market, and additionally aims to deepen existing knowledge.

Participate? Low entree fee!
MFS is open for companies from all (top) sectors active in the field of food security. Also when competitors are participating. MFS is experienced in joint export promotion by competing companies. Participants are charged with a low fixed entree fee and additional variable fees for participating in MFS activities (seminars, trade fair promotion, trade mission, using the services of the representative office etc.).

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