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Metropolitan Food Security

Partnership with Platform MFS

Foreign countries or foreign food security parties can partner with Platform MFS.

Platform MFS, as representative of 'Dutch Food Security parties' is open to meet and investigate complementary fields of knowledge and possibilities for cooperation. A consortium between Platform MFS and a similar foreign 'Food Security' partner can represent 'The Best of both Worlds' and result in new market opportunities and strong cooperation.

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The above table illustrates a mutual complementary cooperation. For example: The orange part of the circle, titeled 'NL', shows the Dutch Strenghts along the food supply chain relative to 'X', another country. 'NL' and 'X' can choose to cooperate to complement each others Strenghts and Weaknesses, resulting in a strong consortium and thus increase the chance for successful tendering for a particular (inter)national project. Together they are stronger then each of them alone.

Should you wish to consult with Platform MFS regarding partnership, please contact us at our main office in The Netherlands.

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