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Metropolitan Food Security

Welcome to Platform MFS

Platform MFS aims to meet metropolitan food demand by securing its quantity an quality while preserving natural resources, to render sustainable solutions for stakeholders and to expand market opportunities for its participants.

Challenges in the field of Metropolitan Food Security will become increasingly important all over the world. Dutch companies from different sectors decided to establish Platform MFS to facilitate joint creation of solutions for these challenges. This is done in close consultations with other partners in the 'Golden Triangle' (Business, Academia, Government). Platform MFS is based in the Netherlands.

The goal of Platform MFS is: securing food for metropolitan areas by contributing to the international challenge of realising double the amount of food, of better quality, with half the resources. The Platforms' approach considers the entire food chain. It aims to result in innovative and sustainable solutions, that can be applied internationally.

Our main focus lies in areas where the demand for, and added value of, our services and solutions is the largest: rising economies ('BRIC' and 'CIVETS' countries) and developing countries.

MFS is unique. It is an 'open' and flexible network organisation through which companies, knowledge institutions, government representations and other stakeholders from different sectors cooperate to find answers to the abovementioned challenge. Platform Participants can form 'consortia of occasion' with which they can present themselves as 'one' party. This enables them to participate in tenders, manage projects and create market opportunities which they individually could not. Platform MFS supports its participants with all the necessary tools, knowledge and activities.

1. Platform MFS: The gateway for stakeholders to all parties that are committed to food security.

2. Platform MFS: Sector encompassing cooperation creates strong solutions and business opportunities.

3. Platform MFS: Unique and widely supported approach.


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